App Recommendation: Moment for iPhone/iPad

Takeaway: Moment, for the iPhone/iPad, tracks how long you use your devices throughout the day, and alerts you when you use them too much. I highly recommend it.

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MomentYou probably spend more time on your phone than you realize. At least, I did.

A couple months back, I downloaded an app called Moment, which is available for the iPhone and iPad. The app tracks two things during the day:

  1. 1. How many minutes you spend on your phone
  2. 2. How many times you turn on your phone

Throughout the day, the app will let you know how much time you spend on your device, and warn you as you approach your self-imposed limit, so you can use your devices more deliberately. It’s that simple—and the app is free.

According to Apple, the average iPhone user unlocks their iPhone 80 times a day. Assuming you’re awake for 16 hours, that averages out to picking up your phone five times every hour. And that’s the average.

On Android, both RescueTime and QualityTime are highly recommended alternatives.

My phone usage on a heavy travel week. You may spend more time on your phone than you realize!
My phone usage on a heavy travel week. You may spend more time on your phone than you realize!

Technology has this odd tendency to both speed up our life, and seep into our life so deeply that we don’t realize we’re spending valuable time and attention on it. After running this app for a couple of months, I was pretty surprised by just how much time I spent on my phone—the screenshot to the right is one I took the other day.

If you’re looking to use your devices more deliberately and intentionally, I’ve found this app invaluable so far. The app helps keep me accountable to how much time I spend on my phone. I highly recommend it.

  • ReadySetGoalnet

    I’ve been using Instant on my Android – sounds like it does pretty much the same thing. The initial information is SHOCKING!! Hahaha! I feel like I’m on a pretty good “data diet” nowadays tho.

    • I’ve got to admit, I hesitated a bit before posting a screenshot of my own numbers on here! It’s crazy how many minutes we spend on our phone—even when we make an effort not to!

      • ReadySetGoalnet

        it’s the Black Mirror phenom :)

  • Antonio D’Onofrio

    I can reccomend OFFTIME for Android.
    It not only monitorates your activities on the phone, but let you block certain apps to be used for a preselected periodo of time.

  • Dennis Nehrenheim

    Hey Chris, nice that you took a look at it =) I especially like the PRO feature to get annoying alerts when your predefined, daily limit is reached. The application is really nice to do experiments like you did; using your phone for only 1 or 2 hours a day.

    • The app is reminding me how tough those experiments were—but curious, at the same time, motivating me to try them out again! I wish I had Moment back then, haha!

  • Michael Kazmier

    Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time look at moment and all your productivity life hacks. Could I suggest a tools for parents trying to teach kids about responsible and productive technology use by using limits and rewards? Check out Kudoso, it’s a great tool for parents wanting to help kids develop good habits with technology.

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