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About me

Hi, I’m Chris!

I write all of the content on this website for free (there are no ads or sponsorships), and I do two things for money: I speak, and I help people just like you become more productive.

Since I started A Year of Productivity, my work has been featured by a number of national and international news outlets, including the CBC, CTV, Fox Business, The Street, foundr magazine, Carleton Magazine, Le Droit, Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, TED, and more. In a recent interview, the prestigious TED organization said that I “might be the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet”, which was pretty humbling.

But I know you didn’t come here to hear me brag about that stuff (unless you’re my mom.. Hi mom!!). That’s totally cool; I just wanted to establish a bit of credibility before before explaining how working with me can make you more productive.

What I’ll do for you

First thing’s first: I’m not a “life coach”, and I probably wouldn’t make a very good one.

I’m also not some schmuck who’s going to motivate you and inspire you to “be the best you can be” and “unleash your full potential”. To be honest, I suck at that stuff. What I’m good at is giving you practical, tactical techniques that will save you time, give you more energy, improve your focus, and let you get more done in less time. You bring the motivation, I’ll bring the rest.

Over the last decade I’ve tirelessly hacked around with virtually every aspect of my life to become more productive. I want to help you pick apart your life so you can do the same.

timeenergyattentionHere are some areas that I have coached people on in the past:

  • Getting more done in less time
  • Time management
  • Organizing and managing everything on your plate
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Building automatic habits that stick
  • Using mindfulness to become more productive
  • Prioritizing what’s important
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Remaining focused on the task at hand
  • Email management
  • Using technology to become more productive


I am a career coach and my clients struggle to stay motivated during sometimes long job searches. I’ve been thinking about this for almost 3 years now but it only took Chris 10 minutes to show me how the task of searching for a job has all the ingredients which lead to procrastination. He then showed me some tactics on how I could “disarm” the frustration and ambiguity of the job search to help my clients become more productive! On top of understanding problems very fast he’s also a great guy to have a chat with, and I strongly recommend him.

Nicolas D.

Time well spent. Chris helped me turn my goals into concise deliverables, and then went on to give me some concrete, powerful tools that would help me achieve these specific deliverables. The process he follows to conquer a goal is unique, clear, and very effective. He has the impressive ability to really step back from a problem and identify what issues need to be addressed, and can figure out a whole game plan for how to do so! Very helpful!

Ardyn N.

Chris was incredibly helpful to talk with! He gave some great insights into focus, motivation, and time management, and he gave me really practical steps that I can put into action. I highly recommend talking with him to help you get organized and more productive!

Kristen C.

I’m pretty obsessed with the concept of self-improvement and optimizing my workflow. Unfortunately, just reading online blogs/articles about productivity don’t necessarily give me the actionable insights that I need in order to improve my life. In our coaching sessions, I shared my current productivity practices with Chris, and he gave me feedback on how to improve them. He also shared insights on what techniques worked for him, and he provided suggestions on how to reframe my mindset so I can achieve more satisfaction with my work. Chris has clearly spent a great deal of time researching productivity – I trust him wholeheartedly when I am looking for guidance. 

Eden F.

Choose a Plan

Alas, right now I don’t have the bandwidth to take on additional clients as I help out the clients I already have, and focus on writing a book. If you want me to give you a shout the moment I have the bandwidth to help you out, please shoot me off a quick email!