From now on, I’m cranking out one article/day instead of two

Takeaway: Going forward, I’m going to write one article per day, Monday through Friday, so I can dive deeper into what I write.

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The ‘north star’ of A Year of Productivity is to devour as much as I can about productivity, and then write about it to make you and me more productive. Lately I’ve been trying to write 2 articles/day, and I think that’s too much. In an effort to dive deeper into the things I explore, I’m going to shift my focus a bit to write better articles, less often. Instead of writing two good articles every day, I want to write one great article every day This isn’t a huge change by any means, but it’s one I’m excited about.

In a nut, going forward I’m:

  • Strictly going to crank out one article per day (Monday to Friday; when most folks read the site). And I’m going to try to make each day’s article the best I can.
  • Going to write more meaningful things. I have been able to crank out two articles/day, but when I have, they’ve often been regurgitated from another source that I found interesting. Going forward I want to be that source whenever I can, though that obviously won’t stop me from sharing the interesting things I find with you.
  • Going to to experiment with productivity a lot more than I am right now. I’m good enough at writing a lot of words at once, but I still want time for everything else!
  • I’m funny. No, really, I am! I promise! And when I rush to get. articles. out., it’s hard to let that funniness rise to the surface. I want to write a lot more like myself going forward.

That doesn’t mean the format of the articles on here will change, though. I think it’s my job to write stuff that people like you will find valuable, and that means boiling what I discover down into something that’s easy to digest. I’m excited to see where this new writing strategy will take me.

By the way, if you’re reading this on Monday, I’m currently in New York City taking in the sights and sounds, and it looks like the auto-post feature worked! Woohoo! (Don’t worry – I’m still going to put in over 40 hours this week despite the long weekend!) Cheers!

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