‘A Week of TED’ Experiment: Follow Along Live! (Finished)


Note: I’m not affiliated with TED in any way. I just love what they do.

From Monday, September 23 through Sunday, September 29, I’m watching as many TED talks as humanly possible, to explore the effects of overloading my mind with information, and to see how things like meditation, taking breaks, and caffeine affect how much information I can retain.

Below are real-time graphs of: what TED talks I’m watching (with links), how many talks I’ve watched, how many minutes of video I’ve watched, and the interesting tidbits I discover from the talks I watch. If you stumble across an awesome talk yourself, you can submit that below as well!

I’m going to write a big, honking feature post that contains everything I learn about productivity when the experiment is over – that’ll be up on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Live-Updating Stats

Since Monday, September 25.

Refresh the page to update all of the charts below.

Talks I’ve Watched (with links)

I’ve added black lines in the table below to separate the different days of the experiment.

Interesting tidbits from talks

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