Productivity Coaching

CoachingHere’s my approach to coaching:

  • I don’t have some model that I try to shoehorn the way you work inside of. I start with the science and neuroscience around workplace performance, and work backward to what habits will jive best with you personally, and the way you prefer to work. This can take a bit more time, but this way the habits actually stick.
  • I prefer to help folks out either three or six months at a time, rather than by the hour like a more traditional coach. I’ve found this to be a long enough timeframe to figure out how you work, your pain points, and for new productivity habits to solidify. I also offer a two-day personal productivity onsite at your workplace.
  • Everyone is different, but on average, we’ll likely connect once a week (or more, or less, depending on your schedule and preference). I’ll give you a special email address that I check throughout the day, as well as my phone number.

These days, because of the number of demands on my time, I cater mostly to folks who are ultra-busy, and who are being asked to perform at high levels. I help out only a few people at a time.


Pending availability, I offer two types of support:

  • Longer-term support. This is my preference, mostly because I’ve found it to work best. I’ll work with you for three to six months at a time, to examine and solidify the best possible productivity habits.
  • Two-day productivity intensive. If you’re looking for short-term help, I also offer a two-day productivity onsite at your workplace. For two days, we’ll dive deep into how you work, and define techniques and habits that will make you more productive. We’ll have one call beforehand so we can make the most use of this time, and another to follow up later on.

Unfortunately right now I only have availability for hour-long one-on-one calls. To book one, please shoot my assistant an email, at

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