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The easiest way to contact me is by filling out the form below—all messages go straight to my email inbox! Make sure to double-check your email address so I can email you back. If you’d like to send me an email instead of filling out the form, shoot it off to

A few quick things before you send your message:

  • Unfortunately, these days I receive more email than I have time to answer, and so I can’t promise you a response. But I do promise I will read your message—and if I have the time, I will respond :-)
  • For media/press inquiries, please email my assistant Luise.
  • For partnership or literary inquiries, kindly email my literary agent Lucinda Blumenfeld.
  • Please note that I don’t accept sponsored posts, advertisements, or guest posts on my site.

Executive Productivity Coaching: If you’d like some help with becoming more productive, just use the form below. For more information on what I offer, click here.

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