Drinking alcohol borrows energy (and happiness) from tomorrow

Takeaway: Drinking alcohol can drain your energy the next day, so it’s worth consuming it strategically and with intent, rather than out of habit.

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The key to becoming more productive is to work with intention, rather than on mindless autopilot mode. This applies to our personal life, too: the more frequently we set intentions, and the less we live on autopilot, the more productive and meaningful our life becomes.

Alcohol is one of the biggest productivity detractors, yet hardly anyone in the productivity space talks about it. If you were to go out tonight and have several vodka sodas with a lime twist (my drink of choice), you’d have one hell of a time trying to be productive tomorrow.

Since my experiment to drink only water for a month while cutting out alcoholic, sugary, and caffeinated drinks, I’ve started to view consuming alcohol from a completely different perspective: as a way of borrowing energy (and happiness) from tomorrow. Having a few drinks can be fun, but you usually have to pay the price—alcohol has been shown to compromise your sleep quality, and as you’ve probably felt once or twice before, can leave you feeling drained the next day.

For this reason, much like with caffeine, it’s worth consuming alcohol strategically and deliberately—not out of habit. Before having a drink, ask: will you regret borrowing energy from tomorrow? Is the cost of feeling a bit drained worth the enjoyment you’ll get today?

Sometimes it is—but just as often it isn’t. I’ve started to drink less since beginning to think about alcohol this way—and at the same time, I feel better about having a drink or two when the time is right.

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