Introducing Productivity Courses for Teams

This morning, I launched something huge.

The biggest question I’ve received since The Productivity Project came out is how to implement everything in the book in a workplace or team. (That might sound like nothing more than a catchy intro, but it’s true.)

Over the last several months, I’ve piloted three productivity courses for teams in various companies around the world. I’m delighted to launch them today.

I’ve designed the courses to help your team or organization manage their time, attention, and energy—the three ingredients of productivity. Drawing from the latest research, expert interviews, and what I discovered during my productivity project, these courses are designed from the ground up for busy teams who have almost no time to think about productivity. They’re all conducted personally by me, live, either in person or via webinar.

You’re going to love them.


p.s. I’m still cranking out the Caveman article—it’ll be coming next Monday!

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