Killer Networking Habit: Reach out to just one person, every day

Takeaway: To build your network (and friendships), make a habit to reach out to one person every day.

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Networking can be a lot simpler than you think.

On a recent episode of The Habit Chef podcast, host Kendra Kinnison and guest Matt Kress mentioned a networking habit that I instantly fell in love with (as much as you can fall in love with a new habit, that is): reach out to just one person every day.

That doesn’t mean doing something as big as grabbing a coffee with someone every day; it simply means investing in one relationship every day, even in a very simple way, like by sharing a valuable/interesting book, article, or idea with them.

Every day, reach out to just one person. Whether you do it by email, telephone, text, or a LinkedIn message, it’s no doubt a killer habit that will pay great dividends as time goes on.

So simple.

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