Nothing will make you more productive than caring about your work

Takeaway: The more your work is connected to what you value, the more you’ll be naturally motivated by it. If you feel the need to constantly invest in your productivity, it’s worth questioning how motivating and meaningful you find your work in the first place.

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CareThe reason I love productivity so much is because our time is limited—and the best productivity tactics help us accomplish more in the limited time we have. It’s fun to invest in productivity tactics, and see them lead us to accomplish more.

At the same time, the best productivity tactics in the world won’t make you care about your work. If your work doesn’t excite you to begin with, investing in your productivity becomes a lot harder.

The more your work is connected with what you value on a deeper level, the more significant it becomes. And the more meaningful your work is to you, the more energy you’ll naturally bring to it. However, the less your work excites you, the harder it is to be motivated and productive.

To put it another way: if you constantly feel the need to invest in your productivity, it’s worth questioning why you feel that need in the first place.

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