Podcast: My favorite productivity habits (part 2)

Podcast: My favorite productivity habits (part 2)

On this episode, we count down our all-time favorite productivity habits—this week we cover numbers 5-1! Topics covered include:

  • Keeping a “Waiting For” list—and what to capture on it
  • How to organize the items you’re waiting on
  • The importance of “scatterfocus”
  • Where ideas come from—and where our mind wanders to
  • How to recharge, generate ideas, and generate plans
  • The three types of scatterfocus
  • How to conduct a weekly review
  • How to determine your most important tasks
  • Understanding how much time tasks and projects take
  • How to make a daily plan, while including the rule of 3
  • The ways meditation makes us more productive

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You can listen (and subscribe) to the podcast below!

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