Use this simple trick at your next presentation to make your audience instantly pay attention

The Takeaway: Press ‘B’ to black-wash your screen during a presentation, or ‘W’ to white-wash your screen. Works on PC or Mac, PowerPoint or Keynote.

Most presentations are boring, and as a part of my business degree I’ve listened to countless presenters drone on while a boring screen filled with boring words sits behind behind them.


Luckily there’s a quick trick that will change that. Whether you’re using PowerPoint or Keynote, on a PC or a Mac, if you hit ‘B’ PowerPoint will black-wash the screen (turn it black), and if you hit ‘W’ it will white-wash the screen. You just press the key again to flip it back to normal.


A great, quick and dirty tip to get your audience to instantly pay attention to you.

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