My Final Productivity Experiment: Living Ultra-Productively for Two Weeks

Takeaway: As my final productivity experiment, I’m taking the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my previous productivity experiments and living as productively as possible for two weeks.

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*sniff* *sniff* 

It’s sad to think about, but in just two short weeks my Year of Productivity project will be over.

I have some really exciting stuff planned for the close of the project (and for what I’ll be doing after), but before I share all that with you, I’m conducting one final productivity experiment. I’ve done a lot of crazy productivity experiments for my year of productivity so far, and of course I want to go out as productive as I can.

For my final productivity experiment, I’m going to live as productively as possible for two weeks; incorporating all of the incredible lessons I’ve learned from my previous productivity experiments while getting as much done as I can.

As I wind down my year of productivity things are busier than ever, so needless to say I’ll have a lot of tasks to measure how productive I am against, including: creating and designing a brand new website for after AYOP, preparing this AYOP site so it looks even more awesome after the project is over, helping coordinate a video shoot for an ending video for the project, writing a beautiful article on this experiment, and a lot more.

Here are the main rules I’m setting for myself for this experiment, with a link to the experiments the rules are based on (I’ll be writing about these and the other rules in the article!):

I’m pumped for this one, and can’t wait to share everything I learn with you!

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