Ten Days of Reclusion – Day Two Update

Takeaway: During my ‘10 Days of Reclusion‘ experiment, so far I’ve noticed four things: I think in lists, I’m highly motivated to ‘clear to neutral‘, I’m spending a lot less money, and it’s easier to procrastinate when you have less to do.

Estimated Reading Time: 3:30 for the video, 31s for the text.


I woke up sick this morning. Even though I went to bed at 9:30, I woke up at 8:15, and so far today I’ve blown my nose 32 times and sneezed 16 times. Apparently my body is adjusting to the new environment along with my mind!

Above is a video (3:30) of four observations I’ve had today about how living in reclusion has affected my productivity. In a nut, so far I’ve found myself making a lot of lists to acclimate to the new environment, I’ve felt the motivation to clean quite a bit, I’m procrastinating more, and I’m spending a lot less money.

See you tomorrow!

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