You should pick up a couple of these stick-on whiteboards

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As a writer in the productivity space, companies send me a lot of products. I accept most of it, because it’s free, and free stuff is always fun to experiment with. To date, I haven’t written about any products I’ve received, because nothing has been so exceptional that it’s been worth writing about.

Finally though, a package arrived at my doorstep that changed everything.

I’m a big fan of whiteboards, and I use them every day—to plan out what I should focus on, map out speaking events and blog posts, and to toss new ideas around. The basic idea of the whiteboard hasn’t changed much: most whiteboards are solid, flat boards that hang on the wall—until you reorganize or move.

The parcel that arrived at my house was from Writeyboard, a company that makes innovative and exciting whiteboards. Writeyboards feel like regular whiteboards when you write on them, but they’re different in a few ways I find super compelling:

  • They bend, and have an adhesive back, so you can peel them off your wall, roll them up, and bring them somewhere else. (The company ships their whiteboards in a portable carrying tube.) I recently traveled with one overseas, and was able to continue brainstorming ideas while in foreign hotel rooms.
  • The whiteboard retains whatever you write even after you roll it up, so you can pick up right where you left off.
  • The whiteboards are cheap. In my experience, they are way cheaper than traditional whiteboards.
  • They have every size imaginable—everything from a tiny 1ft x 1.5ft size, to a colossal 3.5ft x 6ft board that adorns almost an entire wall of my office.

The Writeyboard is the Uber of whiteboards—it’s cheaper, but yet it somehow has more features than a regular whiteboard. It’s rare when a productivity item comes along that deserves its own blog post, but to me, this is one of them. I love them.

If you use whiteboards in your daily workflow, I highly recommend you pick up one or two Writeyboards.

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