What’s the point of becoming more productive, anyway?

The Takeaway: Know why you’re reading this site, and why you have the drive to become more productive in the first place.


Writing about productivity blindly is a little like writing about being pregnant. I will never know what that’s like, and so writing about it would be pretty pointless. The same goes for this project – writing about productivity is great and all, but unless the changes I experiment with produce measurable gains in my life, I may as well be writing for The Bump Magazine.

What’s the point of this website? Well, the point of this site is to make you and me more productive.

What’s the point of becoming more productive?

Well, that’s a bit deeper of a question.

I used to be fat. Not super-dee-duper fat or anything, but I weighted about as heavy as I looked in the picture below. (I didn’t weigh myself so I don’t have an exact number for you.)

Before and after.

Now I am not fat. In fact, I’m pretty fit. I work out most days of the week, and I’ve made a number of other changes in my life to get off my ass, hit the gym, stop eating so much garbage, and lose a big portion of my body fat. In a sense, I became more productive.

If you look at the categories of the posts that exist on this site already, you’ll see a few categories that have more posts than others. Namely: Time Hacks, Energy Hacks, Mindfulness & Meditation, and Be More Awesome.

Productivity serves a different purpose depending on the person, but these are the purposes it serves for me. I want to have more energy, time, mindfulness, and awesomeness. And if you follow the site throughout the year, you’ll get the same!

I know a lot of people want to become more productive so they can spend all of their time doing more, but that’s not the approach I’m going to be taking, for a very simple reason. If you always want to do more regardless of how much time or energy you have, you’re never going to take the time to become more awesome, or step back to appreciate all you’ve done.

That’s the point of becoming more productive – to me at least.

I can’t wait to share with you the experiments I’m going to take to get there.

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