Must-Watch TED Talk: Why do we sleep?

Video Length: 21 minutes, 47s.

If you live until you’re 90, you’ll spend 32 years of your life sleeping. So why not take a few minutes to understand it more?

The gist of the video, if you don’t have 22 minutes to spare (though I’ve left out a bunch of stuff):

  • To sleep better: Shut off all of your gadgets/screens 30 minutes before bed, make your bedroom as dark as possible, don’t drink caffeine after lunch, and get lots of exposure to sunlight in the morning.
  • If you need an alarm clock to wake up, you’re sleep deprived.
  • “Early to bed, early to rise ..” is a myth. According to Russell Foster, “there’s no difference in socioeconomic standing” when you do.
  • Sleep increases: Concentration, attention, decision making skills, creativity, social skills, health.
  • Sleep decreases: Mood changes, stress, anger, impulsiveness, and bad habits like drinking and smoking.

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